Court Lifts Injunction Against $3.6 Billion of Military Funds for Border Wall

Photo: Former Director of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen gives speech next to section of the border fence last October.

By Thomas Lambert

On January 8, US Court of Appeals overruled an injunction that had been in place since December of last year preventing the Trump administration’s use of $3.6 Billion of military funds to construct new border fencing along the US-Mexico border. The Western District federal court originally granted the injunction after El Paso County and the non-profit Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR) challenged the reallocation as illegal, briefly halting construction.

Last October, BNHR worked in tandem with the El Paso County government to press their case for an injunction against the use of military funding for the border wall. The injunction itself only opposed the reallocation of military funds, while counter-narcotics and Treasury Forfeiture Funds could still go towards construction.

In their response to the ruling, BNHR stated they would fight for the, “values and principles with which this nation was founded.” In truth, US values have always been those of its ruling class, now its imperialist bourgeoisie, and will never represent the people, especially the working class and oppressed nations.

While they have taken a stand against the border wall, BNHR’s reliance on bourgeois law and appeal to US patriotism indicates a class collaborationist stand that will not prevail against the force of imperialist state. Trump’s press secretary represented a more honest position of the US government in response to the lifting of the injunction, calling it, “a victory for the rule of law.”

The lawyers representing the non-profit and County against the government vowed they would continue to press for the blocking of funds. Regardless of further legal wrangling, with the injunction lifted, Trump will likely move forward with his goals to construct the imperialist barrier along the border with Mexico. As his press secretary Stephanie Grisham said after the ruling in their favor, “We are committed to keeping our borders secure, and we will finish the wall.”