MEXICO: Revolutionaries of Sol Rojo Hold 2020 State Assembly

By Felipe Vera

Mexican revolutionary organization, Corriente del Pueblo-Sol Rojo (People’s Current-Red Sun), held a State Assembly on January 19 in Oaxaca, celebrated as La Ciudad Rebelde (The Rebel City), announcing completion of the objectives of 2019 and laying out their tasks for 2020.

The State Assembly proved to be a success as in previous years, uniting the broad masses of Oaxaca, with delegates arriving from mountainous regions to the cities.

According to Sol Rojo’s Political Declaration, they reviewed their organizational structure in different regions and sectors of work, revisited each of their 2019 tasks and assessed the degree of their completion, and most importantly laid out their Work Plan, Action Plan, and Plan of Combat and Struggle for 2020 which was agreed upon by the State Assembly.

On the international question, Sol Rojo highlighted the role of US imperialism as the main enemy of oppressed peoples of the world. US imperialism is constantly meddling throughout Latin America, especially in support of reactionary coups and coup attempts in countries like Bolivia and Venezuela. The path of People’s War was reaffirmed, citing the ongoing struggles in Turkey, India, Peru and the Philippines.

Sol Rojo also detailed the semicolonial and semifeudal nature of Mexico, along with the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism and the expansion of imperialist megaprojects. They emphasized the role of drug traffickers as an expression of the latifundio (large landlords), and their continued reactionary violence against the masses of people.

During the assembly, pamphlets were distributed, written by the Cultural Center and Studies of Science for Proletarian Revolution titled, “100 Years of the Communist Struggle in Mexico.”

The State Assembly reinforced Sol Rojo’s Five Central Points, starting with bringing justice for Dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia who was disappeared on May 10, 2018, as well as justice for the murder of Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, also known as Comandante Gato, on April 11, 2019. Second, comprehensive reparations for the damages suffered by the displaced Triquis of San Miguel Copala, an indigenous community forced from their homes by paramilitary violence in 2010. Third, the demand to cancel the military-electric megaproject in San Blas Atempa, an imperialist energy station built on indigenous Zapotec land against the will of the people. Fourth, respect for work and free association as a result of the Section 9 of the National Independent Union of Healthcare Workers (SINTS), having been persecuted in legal proceedings for leading workers’ struggles. Finally, respect and fulfillment of the rights of the people, as Sol Rojo and affiliated organizations have been targeted by the reactionary Mexican state in the form of arbitrary raids, arrests, and violence including murder.

When addressing the five central points, they state, “We will not drop our flag even though the role of the Oaxacan state is to harass, persecute, and exterminate our organization. With the terror of the state and war against the people, we respond with organization and class struggle.”

Incendiary extends its most profound congratulations to the comrades in Sol Rojo for the successful State Assembly as the revolutionaries chart the path to New Democracy.

Some scenes from this year’s successful assembly.