AUSTIN: Election Boycott Targets Campaign Signs, DSA Politician Cries Suppression

PHOTO: Photos of campaign signs with Election Boycott Slogans and Hammer and Sickle (Source: @HeidiSloanforTX twitter)

By Robert Madrone

Note: This article has been updated to include photos Incendiary received of an election boycott banner drop that occurred on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, politician Heidi Sloan posted photos on her twitter page of campaign signs that had been painted with election boycott messages, hammers and sickles, and had been torn or slashed. She claimed the actions were an attempt to ‘suppress democracy’ and stated that her own campaign signs had, “been stolen and many other signs were vandalized.” Sloan is the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Candidate for Texas’s 25th Congressional house district.

Some large campaign signs are seen with the slogan, “Elections, No! Revolution, Yes!” and others were slashed partially or fully in half. In addition to campaign signs being targeted, a red and yellow banner was seen on Thursday morning over I-35 with the same revolutionary slogan and a hammer and sickle, with a ballot box in flames.

Heidi Sloan claims the election boycott ‘suppress[es] democracy’ on her twitter.
In January, Sloan was egged by revolutionaries as part of the 2020 call to boycott the elections, particularly for her protection of fascists at DSA’s anti-war rally on January 6, in which Sloan spoke as fascists from the Texas Nomads stood over her shoulder. Sloan was part of DSA leadership which actively opposed antifascist attempts to agitate the crowd against the Nomads, earning praise from the fascists themselves.

Heidi paints the election boycott as ‘suppression’ because she seeks a position within the democracy of the U.S. imperialist bourgeoisie, and rejects democracy for the working class, which can only come through socialist revolution. The DSA does not stand for socialism nor revolution, and instead peddles false versions of both in order to suppress the people’s rebellion against this system.

The 2020 revolutionary election boycott is but one signal of this rebellion that puts the lapdogs of the bourgeoisie, such as the DSA’s leaders, into a panic.