PERU: Attack on Police in Ayacucho

The following is an unofficial translation of the article “Angriff auf die Polizeikräfte in Ayacucho” from German revolutionary news source Dem Volke Dienen.

On Wednesday March 4, several National Police patrols were ambushed in the area of Apurimac and Mantaro Rivers, in the province of Ayacucho, Peru.

The incident took place when the security forces were on duty in the center of Santa Rosa, Canayre district. The attackers fired several rounds at the bypassing trucks, killing two of the occupants. One of the people shot was identified as “Raulito,” a suspected former member of armed revolutionary forces, which is now collaborating with the old Peruvian state to fight against the ongoing People’s War and other progressive forces.

Later the combatants set fire to one of the trucks. After this attack, the police operation was cancelled.