Communist Party of Peru Annihilates Air Force Officer

By Ed Dalton

On August 9th, 2018 a Peruvian Air Force Command Officer, identified as Elmer Audiencio Quispe Ríos, 26, faced targeted annihilation at the hand of the People’s Liberation Army led by the Communist Party of Peru, in Ayacucho. Ríos was part of a command sent to reinforce the state’s presence in the region and impose reaction against the people’s war waged by the Party since the 1980’s. The military and the state are investigating his death, but the attack was well-planned and executed, leaving no suspects.

No reports have been made of any revolutionaries having fallen in combat. Combing the jungles in response to the attack, the armed forces of reaction could uncover nothing, as if the guerrilla fighters had simply vanished. This is in the context of the work carried out by the Communist Party of Peru’s main regional committee, which operates extensively in the Valle de los Ríos Apurímac, Ene y Mantaro (VRAEM), a jungle region between the states of Ayacucho, Junín, Huancavelica , Cusco and Apurímac.
According to Comrade Laura, leader of the Communist Party of Peru in the VRAEM region, “We, Communists, are made for the greater difficulties. The imperialists and the revisionists, in a holy alliance, shout to the wind the supposed defeat of the Party, the defeat of socialism, the lapse of Marxism. We warn you, no matter how they move cannons, no matter how much they throw down demolishing blows, prepare the most complex genocide against the people, they cannot prevail. We are willing to cross the river of blood, that revolution demands, to achieve our unalterable goal, communism.”

Many in the United States assume that the protracted people’s war initiated in 1980 was defeated, due mainly to lack of coverage from the bourgeois press agencies, while many in the left are content to insist that the Party itself is no more, actions and statements like these prove otherwise. The PCP is alive and fighting in the jungles.


Also this month, two grenades and a Communist Party flag were found in in Huancavelica, destroying any idea that the struggle for New Democracy and a new Peru is over. What the militants of Peru, their supporters around the world, and revolutionaries insist, is that revolution and national liberation seldom progress in a straight line. They go through twists and turns, advances and retreats, etc. We will try to combat the bourgeois silence on the ongoing revolution in Peru by covering it as much as possible.

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